Update #1 ·

Special request from Dana to each Romanian animal lover/supporter

Please open this webpage to Cathy's article:
It is on Huffingtonpost Green website.
You can login with your Facebook or Twitter profiles to post a comment. Since the article was published, there were lots of negative comments from people who would like to kill the street animals, the animal haters. I believe Cathy efforts should be encouraged directly on that page, so she can see that there are lots and lots of animal lovers around the World that sustain her involvement in Romania, that we are not a bunch of crazy people who are more concerned about fighting to each other instead of building up a safer future for these animals.

Please, it will take you just a few seconds to write from your heart a message to sustain our campaign. If you are already on that page, take a moment to see what haters posted, how much ignorance and evilness is against these voiceless souls, to what extent of hate and danger they are exposed every day on Romanian streets. Those haters messages tell all!

Thank you from my heart for helping us help the animals! ROLDA team


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