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The Final Stand - We Need Your Help

As the city, city council, continue to “fast track” in the Ewa Development Plan, a FINAL hearing will be held on 10 July 2013, and we are asking the public to “show up in masses” to testify. As an elected board member, I cannot tell you which way to testify, given I am restricted by “sunshine law” requirements, but it is probably no secret, where I stand based on the platform in which we were elected.
If you care about food sustainability, and the ability of your children, and two generations after them, being able to feed themselves, on the most remote set of islands in the world, I hope that you will take the time, in fact I am pleading with you to take the time, to let the city council know where you stand.
The decision that the city council could negatively affect our ability to sustain ourselves in the next 50, 100, to 200 years – and we already import too much of food from the mainland as it is, making us vulnerable (hostage) to union strikes, and other unplanned events (tsunami, hurricanes, earthquakes).
They have testified that the people are NOT opposed to the plan, when in fact the only people FOR this plan are developers, unions, and realtors…. in addition to those politicians who have accepted money on their behalf. Our politicians should be doing the will of the people, NOT the will of special interests.
Again, this is the final battle for us, similar in kind to the battle over the PLDC, in which the Governor and State Legislature finally had to admit, that they were NOT following the “will of the people”. We were able to overturn it, but it took a huge effort on Oahu and the neighbor islands to make it so.
We can win this battle too, but we need that same level of determination and help to make it so.
Aloha, D. Kalani Capelouto

Campaign closed

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