Update #6 ·

No selfish love here! June up date on: NIKO THE CITY WOLF

Niko has my heart for sure. I

have been taking care of him and his condition on my own and that is fine for now. The test and vet bills are a small fortune but I will do what I can to keep him alive. for now. He was not eating the wet food that is Royal Canin a special modified food blend of diet ingredients and low protein. I would mix it with his dry food of the same brand and add his medication and fish oil. He is so smart and knows when the meds are mixed in and he tries to take the meds out. This wolf is so fast and smart and knows when you are talking of him without even saying his name and he know every move you make ahead of time. He has good days and down days but when the wind is blowing and night falls and moon is out he is a different breed for sure. He has amazing speed and talent.

So the month of June was hard, trying to keep him cool, ice water not over work him for exercise as he has anemia and I dewormed him twice. He was so skinny with hip bones and rib bones sticking out, Now he still has bones in the hips sticking out but
I hope that will change with the Giardia medication for intestinal infection from Niko not having clean water and dirty surroundings from the past.
Niko does not have a big appetite and hopefully that will change in time. It is sad he cannot have a lot of protein in is diet and he craves meat and bones and fish and eggs and cheese. Poor little guy.

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