Update #3 ·

UPDATE July 2013


Pet's Haven Animal Shelter
We promised an update regarding the two deceased dogs which were found in a suitcase by Pets Haven members. We knew the dogs were micro chipped when we found them, though an investigation needed to occur before announcing such.
The owner was contacted; sadly the telephone numbers were all disconnected [mobile and business]. The owner of the dogs has an international business trading gifts and a trinket via the Asia market, the owner lived in the CBD in Melbourne and has since moved overseas. The second contact on the microchip form still lives at the property but cannot be charged with anything, as he was not the owner of the dogs and there is no proof that he killed them. Due to the original owner now being overseas, there is nothing anyone can do. We will never know who or why, what we do know is that killing dogs [whoever did it] and dumping them in a suitcase, is completely wrong.


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