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Help Stop the discriminsation of Soldiers and Veterans

Please come to the petition and recruit all your fiends. Spitting on a soldier or veteran should be a hate crime and not someone's use of free speech!

This year for the 4th of July let's take a stand against the discrimination of our soldiers. If you want to say thank you for all their service and sacrifices do it by signing a petition to stop discrimination against them. This petition is a call for legislation that will finally list Soldiers and Veterans as the First and Primary "Protected Class". It will make acts of discrimination against them officially hate crimes.


The Bill of Rights was written in part to protect the public from soldiers. As veterans we do not get these rights back. We are given permission and only if we earn an Honorable Discharge. The rights and privileges for active service members are provided under Title 10 and then under Title 38 when they become veterans. They are completely legally separated from the public. The laws have been written to protect the public and ensure we do not have a military coupe. Nothing protects a soldier or veteran when their rights are violated or they are discriminated against.

Please read, sign and share this petition. The white house requires a person over the age of 13 to sign with a valid name and zip code. Please share this with your family and friends. With your help we can stop the discrimination against our soldiers and veterans


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