Update #3 ·

Update about the Galati ' dogs public shelters

I see more often lately on Facebook reactions, I get messages and read posts about different people that raise money in private PayPal accounts to help the Galati' public shelters dogs. ROLDA initiated this petition and when we reached 10000 signatures, we sent it to the City Hall Galati. It was a common point of view of 10000 people from all over the World that shared the same idea: to release the dogs imprisoned in the Galati PS in order to put an end to their misery, hunger and pain.
I strongly believe that once we will reach 15000 signatures, or lot more - our voice will be stronger. I will send a printed request to the City Hall demanding their point of view in this PS matter. I hate to see these dogs misery being used in any other ways than for these dogs freedom!


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