Update #1 ·

Thank You

I'm really grateful for the continuous support of individuals for their support in helping me attend SFT's Action Camp in Dusseldorf Germany. Many people have been sharing my causes page on their Facebook page in which I'm grateful for.

I'm especially grateful for the individuals who have supported my goal and have supported monetarily. Words can't express how much gratitude I have towards all of you:
- Chemi Banari la: $25
- Ngawang Dakpa la: $100
- Tenze Tibet Kunsang la: $25
- Tsewang Gyaltsen la: $100
- Anonymous Donor: $100 (Thank you so much who ever this kind soul is)
-Ugen Tibet Wangchuk la: $25
-Gabriel Feinstein Jr la: $25
- TenDolkar Kanagtsang-Changma la: $50

With Best,
Ten Sonam

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