Update #5 ·

The Shooting of Cats in North Ridgeville, Ohio has Ended! Policy Changed!

A STEP TOWARDS JUSTICE and A VICTORY for the CATS: The North Ridgeville City Council and Mayor have announced that their police and animal control officers will no longer be dispatched for cat calls. The city will provide traps and refer calls to the Friendship APL.

On June 18, John Bell, attorney for the OHIO SPCA, sent a letter to North Ridgeville officials which included five demands. On June 27, Bell received a response from the North Ridgeville law director stating that their policy regarding cats HAD been changed!

HOWEVER, the law director failed to respond to all the demands regarding serious violations of the Ohio Revised Code. John Bell will be responding with an answer. This is not over. We will keep everyone updated. This is a step in the right direction and gives hope for the "feral" cats in North Ridgeville, Ohio and beyond.

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