Update #2 ·

Petcoke piles shrink, movement grows

The latest news out of Detroit is that -- thanks to heroic efforts of local community members, backed up by your voices -- the piles of petcoke in Detroit are shrinking. In fact one of the two sites has removed the petcoke pile completely, but the fight is far from over. Even with the piles of dirty tar sands reportedly growing smaller, it's still the case that Michigan's regulations on this toxic byproduct are not up to the task of keeping communities safe, and petcoke production around the country continues to grow. 

On the global scale, folks in Detroit and around the country are waking up to the impacts tar sands oil and petcoke are having on our global climate crisis. Check out this story from Michigan Public Radio on the grassroots movement rising up in Detroit, and read more about the shrinking petcoke piles here.  

Be sure to spread the word to everyone you can -- Detroit, and the world, can't afford more petcoke!

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