Update #3 ·

Campaign A Success!

Thank you very much for your contribution to the 100 Miles For Dagbé campaign. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to EXCEED our goal, and the final tally was $1622 raised for Dagbé. Your gifts help us carry out our mission of caring for children in crisis situations in central Benin.

Josh, spurred by your support, was able to finish the 100-mile race on Sunday morning, an incredible accomplishment that's inspiring to us at Dagbé to persevere in our mission and go after our goals. We want to especially thank Josh for choosing to run for these children in Benin.

If you or anyone you know is interested in continuing to support Dagbé, please check out our Back to School campaign, also on the Causes page. Search for Dagbé's profile, and view the active projects. We're trying to raise $8000 to send 80 children to school this next year.

We feel truly blessed to have received your support on this project, and we hope that you will continue to support us in the future. Thank you!

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