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Press Release

Please copy and send this press release to your local newspapers (or you may use your own words if you prefer).

Press Release --

Local wildlife and environmental activists will participate in a nationwide boycott of meat, and dairy for the entire month of August.

Participants are protesting the use of public lands by ranchers for the purpose of grazing their cattle---the use of these lands for agriculture directly impacts the environment with the clearing of trees, and damage to the waterways (fecal run-off into streams)----and is the direct cause of assaults to the wild animals who live on these public lands---wolves are being shot and trapped, wild mustangs, burros, and buffalo are being rounded up and/or flushed off the land.

You may join the boycott by simply refusing to buy any meat or dairy for the entire month of August, 2013. You may also join in on an event on face book ---THE GREAT AMERICAN MEAT-OUT FOR WOLVES AND WILD HORSES -https://www.facebook.com/events/496713390377593/523901714325427/?notif_t=event_mall_comment


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