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McLean Hospital "The Gold Standard"

I was sorry to miss the annual dinner at McLean Hospital this year but delighted to see the award-winning director and screenwriter David O Russell of "Silver Linings Playbook," their guest speaker and award-recipient, describe McLean Hospital as the Gold Standard in psychiatric care. (See The Boston Globe, June 23, 2013 issue and the link below.)

Russell's son suffers from bi-polar disorder. I'm grateful that he was willing to tackle the subject in film for mass audiences. I wish more people would come out into the open to help normalize the discussion about mental illness and eliminate the stigma.

We must remember that those who suffer from mental illness are our brothers and our friends. They need our empathy, our support, and they need better treatment options. We can address the latter through research.

Funds like my brother's, The Jonathan Edward Brooking Memorial Fund for Mental Health Research at McLean Hospital, serve that purpose. I hope you will consider giving.


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