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A Personal Message from Tony: From Club kid to College Graduate

My name is Tony Spears, and I want to share my story so that others may be inspired to reach for their goals as well.

My story begins as a middle school student who was lost in regards to the future and goal-setting. The Boys and Girls Club of Bellville, Texas (now of Austin County) helped me realize what I want in life and start working toward my goal of becoming a medical doctor.

Fast forward to high school, and I was on target to reach that goal. Through countless hours of mentoring and assistance from the Club staff, I was able to maintain a 3.59 grade point average. I competed in the National Youth of the Year program as a senior and became the Southwest Regional Youth of the Year for 2009-2010. The scholarships I won – along with the connections I was able to build—allowed me to go to college for next to nothing. My Boys and Girls Club remained in my corner throughout my long days of classes and difficult nights of studying.

I am now a graduate of Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, Texas. I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry, and I am currently preparing to take the Medical College Admissions Test® (MCAT®) and apply to medical schools.

I will not say that I attribute all of my success to the Boys and Girls Club, because it took a lot of hard work of my own to achieve what I have. I will, however, say that, without the support I received from the Boys and Girls Club, I wouldn’t be as focused or as driven as I am today.

There wasn’t a day that went by that I couldn’t call my BGC director, Ms. Sharon Stephens, or my past director, Mr. David LaVassaur, for encouraging words and a helping hand. From middle school to college graduation and beyond, my Boys and Girls Club has stuck by me. I am so grateful to have found an organization that cares so much about the success of its members.

I hope this letter has helped YOU realize that your goals aren’t too difficult, as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort. Boys and Girls Clubs of America is vitally important to any child with the dream of being something great!

Please take the pledge to share my story with your friends today!

Best wishes,
Tony Spears

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