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CA Assembly unanimously passed co-op bill -- onward to the Senate!

Thanks so much for signing the petition to support bill AB 1024 (aka "An act to facilitate cooperative ownership of housing in California")! By removing massive fees and other barriers, this bill helps people pool their resources to buy homes and build communities.

I also wanted to update you about the bill. The California Assembly unanimously *passed* AB 1024 in May, and the bill just this week passed through a gateway committee in the Senate!

We need *your* help to make sure that the Senate passes the bill and that Governor Brown signs it. How can you help? By putting a human face on this issue. This bill doesn't just reduce bureaucratic fees and barriers -- it's about allowing people to own homes.

Do you live in a California co-op? Do you have dreams of buying land someday? Do you have connections to sustainable-economy or fair-housing organizations? I'd love to hear from you. Find me on Facebook, write to me at ehbookstein [at] gmail.com, or leave a comment on the petition page. We'll use our collective influence to convince the Senate and the governor that AB 1024 and housing co-ops will support affordable homeownership in CA.

In the meantime, the Bay Area Community Land Trust (the local nonprofit that helped write the bill) and I will be working to understand the challenges the bill is facing. We'll reach out to you when the time comes to rally a larger group and take our voices to the Senate.

Thank you again!
(With a shout-out to my co-ops Synergy, Ithaka, and the Honey Hive!)

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