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And when the time finally comes, how do you pledge to remember Mandela?

The news are not good at this time. But we still have to pray and support Him till His last breath.

Now that we know our Hero may be on His last race,
We will have to accept the will of God.
We must remember the best way to pay tribute to such great hero of times is indeed to apply his teachings, keep his universal legacy & share them from generation to generation.

Wherever we are in the world We must show our love to this great soul by taking a pledge to review our daily behavior & make sure we try to act in the way that would had made Him proud of us.

We must also keep the spirit of "Mandela Day" going and make sure it never stops.

The light our Hero brings must never go with Him.

Do you know?
In His long walk to freedom, unlike other freedom fighters before Him & surely those to come, Mandela fought for both the interest of the oppressed as well as the interest of the oppressor. With the end of the apartheid regime He succeeded to liberate the oppressor from his bondage (His uncontrollable evil desire to oppress) and succeeded to liberate the oppressed from the oppression (he suffered from the oppressor) & above all, He deliberately decided to start by freeing Himself from all form of hatred and bitterness & embraced His oppressor and by so doing He influenced all those who had been oppressed to do the same focusing on the bigger picture, of course His dream of a Rainbow nation built on principle of love & equal rights.
We shall all agree that except Jesus-Christ, no one has ever done that in this life.

Please follow the link bellow And write your pledge to keep & respect His universal legacy:

We thank you for your love & support for Him.


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