Update #3 ·

Mass incarceration is racist and sexist

The sickening social ill that is Jim Crow era racist dehumanization and disenfranchisement, poignantly described in the Willie Lynch letter (of recently challenged authenticity) is characterized by the weakening of the black family via post-modern genocide and separation from the mother. It is also the systematic, intentional, and generational deconstruction of natural emotional bonds to family, which is unhealthy, dangerous, and a threat to public safety, as we are raising a nation of disconnected youth related to the prisons we are feeding. To say that incarcerating mothers at such a rate in America, especially in this time of economic depression, despair, and uncertainty has racial and financial implications is stating the painfully obvious, and we call upon other concerned citizens to rally our government to take appropriate action and give immediate attention to this matter.

We need your support as we unite for change, and happy, safe families everywhere. Thank you for supporting this campaign and taking action against the prison industrial complex.


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