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U R G E N T N E E D!

URGENT NEED! HUD, our primary funding source at My Father's House Community Services, has indicated that they anticipate it will be another 2-3 weeks before we are able to access out grant funds for the grant that started Feb 1! For five months we have survived on the generosity of our supporters and they have brought us to this final stretch. We need approximately $15,000 to keep the doors of MFH open for the next three weeks. You can give by clicking the "Donate" button at www.my-fathers-house.com or message Beth Waddle or Jay Preston to make other arrangements. Please share this message with anyone that might be willing to help keep our doors open to the homeless families and individuals in Linn and Miami counties. Please note - Funds given via Causes take up to 30 days to reach our organization, so for this particular need we would ask that you choose a method that will reach us more quickly such as check via mail or visiting our website. Thank you!

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