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Part Time Volunteers Needed

Dear Prison Slavery Abolition United Front (PSA-UF)/Committee to Abolish Prison Slavery (CAPS) Members, Comrades, Friends:

The work before us is daunting, yet most important for a number of arenas of struggle. Over simplified, they include: 1) Prison Slavery Abolition and all negative conditions of slavery; 2) Class Slavery including such struggles as racism, poverty, labor, gender oppressions, ageism, et al.; and 3) Anti-War, Peace Movements, Abolition of Slave Territory Expansions both foreign and domestic.

Uniting, and serving as an umbrella structure for even one of these arenas of struggle is gigantic in scope; yet unity within all arenas is almost unheard of - almost.

At this stage of our development we are calling for, and need to recruit three (3) Volunteer Members to assist in this UF Internet tactic. If you Volunteer, you will join me, Lee Wood, and Marion Fulmore-Crawford, as “Leaders” in this Cause internet structure. Our current projects include recruiting others to sign this most worthy Petition, and building this organizational site/page, communicating with Members, and helping to build this Abolitionist United Front. Please Message me on FB if interested.

Thank You.

Toward Abolition of All Slavery,
Lee Wood

Campaign closed

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