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Think Beyond Plastic: Business Combats Pollution

We're so pleased with the amount of people that took the Think Beyond Plastic pledge to tell businesses to reduce their plastic footprint. The competition and conference by the same name was also a huge success and we wanted to share with you the winners of the Think Beyond Plastic Innovation Competition who are reducing plastic pollution through disruption in business.

The competition and the awards ceremony were a celebration of human ingenuity, entrepreneurship and innovative thinking applied to a growing global threat – plastic pollution. Over 100 applicants from countries around the world – Romania, Slovenia, Kenya, Malaysia, the United States, UAE and many others – entered the competition with their products, services and materials dedicated specifically to reducing plastic pollution. Watch this brief video summary of all submissions here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6NAhkQWvTy4

Think Beyond Plastic Competition Winners

Two businesses received the Grand Prize of Most Innovative Business:
DGrade (UAE) – who produces fabric and clothing by optimizing the supply chain and using discarded plastic bottles; and PulpWorks (USA), with a sustainable solution to blister packs. Both businesses have established revenue stream, and have successfully produced a viable solution to the plastic pollution problem. The prize for each was a cash award of $10,000 from A-Spark, an impact investor from The Netherlands, and $5,000 worth of legal services from Cooley LLP.

Three Businesses received the Most Promising Emerging Business Prize:
Amazi (USA) – applet that allows you to find your way to fresh tap water anywhere; BYOB (Malaysia) – businesses that reduces packaging by offering bulk products; and in.gredients (USA) – already operating in Texas, and with focus on raw natural products that require no packaging. The prize for each was a cash award of $500 from Plastic Pollution Coalition, and a package of business services from Second Line, an impact investor.

Think Beyond Plastic yielded undeniably great interest, an incredibly successful conference, and a meeting of great minds working on innovation to shape our future. We are pleased to announce that this competition will be an annual event.

For more info: www.thinkbeyondplastic.com

For more info on this year's event: http://plasticpollutioncoalition.org/2013/06/think-beyond-plastic-is-a-success/

2013 TBP Winners:
Pulpworks, Inc: www.pulpworksinc.com
DGrade Clothing: www.dgrade.com
Amazi: http://signup.amazi.co/?r=http://t.co/RJ8jAmHyR6
BYOB Green Concepts: https://www.facebook.com/BYOB.Malaysia?fref=ts
in.gredients: http://in.gredients.com/


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