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Plant A Billion Trees This Summer

This summer you can do something really cool - plant a tree for as little as $1.

For every dollar donated through our Plant A Billion Trees campaign http://www.plantabillion.org/, The Nature Conservancy will plant one tree.

Imagine the impact you can have with every dollar you give!

Why did The Nature Conservancy begin the Plant a Billion Trees campaign? Because the Atlantic Forest is on the brink. Only 12 percent of its original area—the size of the U.S. eastern seaboard from Maine to South Carolina- remains. The Atlantic Forest is considered one of the world's most endangered tropical forests. Coastal development, urban expansion agriculture, exotic plants, ranching and illegal logging have all contributed to the degradation of this once vast landscape in Brazil. Join The Nature Conservancy in saving this once exquisite forest. Help us reach our $10,000 goal by September 7th!


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