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"you're killing me" Karina's words to the nurses "treating" her

****Update on Karina Hansen****

“You are killing me”– Experimental treatment forced on a severely-ill ME patient

By Rebecca Hansen, chairman ME Association, Denmark

“You are killing me” is what severely-ill Danish ME patient, Karina Hansen, has repeatedly said to her nurses while she is being forced to receive a controversial and unproven treatment known as Graded Exercise Therapy (GET). Karina, 24, has Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) which is a neuro-immune illness. Much is still unknown about ME, but ME experts agree that ME patients have a dysfunction in their ability to produce energy and to recover from exercise or any type of exertion.

The above is an excerpt from the latest update released by Rebecca Hansen, chairman ME association Denmark. For the entire update please click on the link below.

Update released June 19, 2013

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