Update #3 ·

A few days left...

I posted the end date of July 4th as an Independence date. Free from some, if not most of what the Gutter-punks have been instigating. It seems as though most of the request has fallen on a few deaf ears. I would like as a push for this cause to be heard on a city wide scale, for all members to share this with everyone you know. I do realize that many of you may thing of this as a, "lost cause" or that you may have not experienced this for yourselves, but are in support of it. Regardless of the circumstance(s), I urge the vast majority to be reminded and to remind others, or to make others aware of what ails us here in New Orleans as to the overall situation.

Hopefully this campaign will go somewhere respectively. Otherwise, this entire cause may be all for not. All in all, thank you for ALL of your support.

Campaign closed

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