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Thank you donors from Roxana!

I received this ”Thank you” message from Roxana Pasat.

"Thank you!"

I used to ask myself so many, many times: What can I do and how can I do it to make it happen, to have a miracle for nobody’s dogs, for the dogs living on the streets, for the dogs from Vatra Dornei City Hall shelter… And, here we go! My dream has come true thanks to the help and support of some wonderful people, thanks to RAR donors, thanks to animal lovers from all around the world. We are very thankful for all these kind gestures and compassion. We are not used to any of these, therefore you have our deepest respect, and your support deeply moves us to tears. This fantastic RAR team - Lelia Creanga, Livioara Rotariu and Emma Cecilia made it to Vatra Dornei, to our small public shelter where they spayed / neutered 50 dogs (44 females and 6 males) this past weekend. I must confess that, up to now, I have never seen such a team, such dedication, responsibility, such resilience and physical strength, with an amazing working schedule prepping and operating non-stop from early morning till late in the evening! I have no other words to describe it, just professionalism and reliability! This is the first step, breaking the ice thanks to this fantastic charity, RAR and we would really love to continue our collaboration with the City Hall to persuade them to join our efforts, to understand that spay / neuter of the strays is the only viable solution to solve the problem. Our Mayor wanted to meet the RAR team and personally thanked them for all their efforts, the local media was also present at the shelter to see RAR team in action. They took some interviews and they will run an article in the local press. We do hope that such projects could happen again and will happen again, but we are aware that these spayathons can be possible only with the support and help of fantastic donors, great people who love animals, the advocates for their welfare and their rights. We hope and pray to be able to organize such a spay / neuter project for our city, Vatra Dornei! I want to send my deepest consideration to Nancy Janes, the wonderful lady who made all this possible, who listened to me and understood my despair, who did everything she could to find a solution to help us! You have our love and respect!

Roxana Stănișor Pasat - June 17th 2013 - Vatra Dornei


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