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Remember Talita? Her journey is not over... Watch her story unfold.

You may already be familiar with Talita, the little girl who stole the hearts of now more than 3 million people as they watched her see her new smile for the very first time.

But Talita's journey is not over. Our work is not complete. With the help of generous supporters like you, her smile was repaired. But we also had to repair her palate and help correct her speech. Now 7 years old, you also helped Talita receive surgery to fix her palate from the same Operation Smile volunteer surgeon, Dr. David Chong, who fixed her lip. He once again chronicled that journey in a new video!

With a love of school, Talita wants nothing more than to learn. After speech therapy, she will be able to form sounds and words that before were impossible. She will finally be able to communicate and be understood by her friends, family and classmates, and everyone she encounters.

While a cleft palate is not easily recognizable when looking at a child, we know there are real life-long consequences for cleft palate patients and for those who do not receive speech therapy after surgery, especially at a crucial age like Talita's. Can you imagine not being able to properly speak with friends? Not sharing or pursuing your hopes and dreams? This little girl was being held back because her parents couldn't access follow-up medical care. With your support of Operation Smile's comprehensive approach to care, we are giving children like Talita the chance to pursue their dreams.

Watch Talita's Story unfold: http://www.operationsmile.org/talita

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