Update #2 ·

Assembly Human Services Hearing Posponed to July 2

The Assembly Human Services Committee hearing on SB 283 that was scheduled for Tuesday June 18 has been postponed until Tuesday July 2. That means that we have more time to gather signatures in support of SB 283! Please share this petition with any friends who may be interested in signing on - we will present the signatures to the Committee members at the hearing on July 2 in order to demonstrate community support for the bill.

In California, people with drug felony convictions are permanently disqualified from receiving CalFresh (food stamps) benefits. Do you believe that people who have served their time for the mistakes they have made, and who are currently playing by the rules should be eligible for help with food and nutrition? If you do, please join us in supporting SB 283 (Hancock), a bill that would reinstate CalFresh benefits for Californians with prior drug-related felony convictions, provided they are following program rules and are (or have) successfully complied with the conditions of their probation or parole.

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