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Please, dear friends, donate $40 more so we can send $460 for animals in Visina! Thank you!

Hi everyone!

Dear friends I am happy to announce you that we did it this month too! Thanks to your kindness and compassion and generous donations we raised $424 by now. And we are so close to the $460 as we need to send to the animals in Visina -- just $40 more and we will be able to support their carer to provide the food they need for the next month till the 15th of July.

Every time we were getting more and more donations from you I was calling her and telling her you didn`t stop helping her. She is very grateful for your generosity and kindness and she prays for you and wish you the best. I don`t need to mention she was craying again on the phone -- happy tears for having you by her side and also tears and a lot of sadness for her husband because he might not live longer. The situation is desperate in their family and I and Mrs Silvia hope that you will go on helping her to feed her animals.

Till next week when we hope to have done our own paypal account, please donate if you can on the RAR`s paypal account -- [email protected] paypal or at www.romaniaanimalrescue.org. Every donation is very important and means a lot for the animals!

Thank you very much for your support! Be blessed!

Mihaela Raducanu, Association for Animal Protection Tomita (Tecuci)

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