Update #4 ·

It all happened very quick...

I was having a meeting around 7.30 right in istiklal. The square was getting crowded and police was standing everywhere around the square. Then suddenly around 8pm the police began making announcements that they are going to start dispersing the crowds. People began 'booing' not expecting what was about to happen.

Then the water cannons came. From Ataturk Culture Center police just started spraying water. People began to run wherever they could.

I was standing next to a group of police officers. Their gas masks came on and so did the people.

It was quick and violent. I went around the side streets and walked to isiklal- one of the main pedestrian streets. Water canon machine came too. And that was it. Everything that was happening afterwords was hard to believe. Over and over they used water to disperse the crowd but not just on istiklal, also other streets. In the meantime I received a message from a friend who was hiding at Divan hotel- on the opposite end of Gezi park- a year gas canister was thrown inside. For days now, Divan hotel has its doors opened for vounded. Obviously police knew what they were doing.

A friend who was watching it all live said half of the park was already empty. Yes they tear gassed it too.

Right now as I write this I'm in Cihangir, crowds of people are walking this way from the Main Street. It's loud, people are chanting and banging pots and pans.


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