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Thank you!

Thank you. The thousands of letters and signatures sent to our legislators and the Governor from Educate Our State supporters like you made a difference. We asked them to “Show Schools the Money!” and they listened. Thank you Governor Brown! Education IS receiving the lion’s share of additional funding

In addition to education funding being logical and equitable, Educate Our State strongly believes school funding also needs to be stable and sufficient. To that end, we are working on an initiative that will address assessment of commercial property in California - potentially allowing us to mirror other states and create a stable funding source for schools and other vital public services. For more information, please visit our webpage here and, while you are there, please ‘like’ our page.

We welcome your suggestions for additional organizations or individuals you think we should reach out to as we continue to build our coalition. Californians know public education needs a stable funding source in order to thrive, and they recognize that a thriving public education system translates into a thriving economy. Educate Our State is working to insure the initiative works for all of California’s children, as well as with our recovering economy. We would love your suggestions and engagement.

You are making a difference!

Campaign closed

Please sign if you want to see California's public education system thrive once again. Many special interest groups who are well represented in Sacramento are already being promised funds from the approximately $4 billion in extra revenue collected by the state. By adding your name, you are showing state leaders that advocates for public education are also united and well represented, and we…

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