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Wipe It Off and I Will Paint Again

Egyptian Blogger SuzeintheCity (Soraya Morayef) has made it her personal mission to document the street art that is popping up around Egypt as a result of the Arab Spring.

Says Soraya, “the adamant, resilient, and determined” activists/artists of the opposition refuse to be silenced in the face of the governments’ increased policing on street art…on freedom, on the people’s voices, and on the revolution."

In this interview (http://muslima.imow.org/content/wipe-it-and-i-will-paint-again), Soraya describes how she has made it a personal goal to document how Egyptian women are participating in the revolution and to capture the art women are making as a result.

Visit Muslima: Muslim Women's Art & Voices (muslima.imow.org) to learn more about the diverse women who are defying negative stereotypes every day. Also, be sure that you've taken the pledge (causes.com/muslima) to end negative stereotypes of Muslim women and invited your friends to join this vibrant community of change-makers!


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