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Air Force investigation reveals Wilkerson fathered child out of wedlock in 2004

Yesterday, an Air Force investigation revealed that Lt. Col James Wilkerson had an affair and fathered a child out of wedlock -- he has been given an administrative punishment.

When Lt. Gen Craig Franklin overturned Wilkerson's conviction earlier this year, freeing his fellow pilot, and reinstating him back into the Air Force against the recommendation of his own legal counsel, he excused Wilkerson's criminal behavior because of his Good Military Character (GMC) and because he was a "doting father and husband."

This case is an egregious example of the harmful and insidious effect of command conflict and bias and why tweaks to a fundamentally broken system will not end this crisis. Today's news provides another stark example of why victims of sexual assault in the military often don't have a chance. Justice is too hard to come by and victims rightfully do not trust the system.

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