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YOU can make a difference - ACT NOW!

In a couple of hours Hong Kong time (14th June) Joyce is having a lecture at the Royal Geographical Society. During her 10 day visit to Hong Kong and mainland China - to Shenzhen and Beijing - she will hold 4 lectures and several meetings. She will also talk with representatives of the Chinese media - all with the objective to spread the word about what is happening to Africa's elephants and promoting the need for superpower China to be part of the solution.

Please give elephants and Joyce moral support while she visits China! You can do so by downloading ready-made headings for your Facebook-page on the page linked. We will update ElephantVoices on FB with the same campaign-headings every day - feel free to save and share. http://www.elephantvoices.org/news-media-a-reports/77-appeals/860-joyce-in-china-please-share-our-ivory-trade-campaign.html

Thanks - elephants need YOUR support more than ever!

Trumpets, Petter

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