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Signatures to United Nation's Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon

We are so proud of Henk Lefevre and what he doing. All of us have to thank our members from around the world that helped. We will still be collecting signatures... - original story (in Dutch) and this is the English version :
With signatures against violence to Prime Minister Di Rupo

TUESDAY, JUNE 11TH, 2013, 03:00

On foot from Kuurne to Brussels, to give Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo a petition (addressed to United Nation's Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon) against child abuse and partner violence.

That's what Henk Lefevre (48) together with his daughter Margot (10) wants to do.
"Everyone knows that child abuse and domestic violence are common, but nobody does anything about it," says Henk Lefevre (48).

As a seven year old boy he was the victim of sexual abuse and now he comes to the rescue of fellow sufferers.
"I want to give the women and children who are victims of violence a voice. From experience I know how difficult it is to stand up for yourself. On my seventh, I was sexually abused by a leader at summer camp. I have never dared to tell anyone. "

Three months ago Henk decided to start a petition "NO MORE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND CHILDREN". The gang rape of a Swiss tourist in India was one of the reasons for Henk to take action.
"Rapes are commonplace in India. But we should not pretend it's just there. I want to shake up society. My daughter Margot knows these horrible crimes happen all over the world"
Meanwhile, more than 9,000 people signed the petition on various Internet sites. "People from all over the world are signing the petition"
In the second week of July, Henk and his daughter Margot (10) will deliver the petition to Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo.

"I think it's great what my dad does for women and children who are suffering from all kinds of violence and abuse," says Margot. "I will definitely walk 10 kilometers."
Henk hopes the perpetrators will be punished much harder and that victims will no longer be afraid to tell their story and get more help.

Henk will continue his fight ...
"I want to speak on this subject in schools."

Email today from Henk -
I have a second interview tomorrow for another newspaper and an interview on Radio 2 (official Belgian radio station)
Is there anything you would want me to mention about Humanity Against Abuse Bill ?

William Collett
Just let them know that people like you and I are working very hard to make a difference. I was told five years ago that there was nothing that I could do about domestic abuse as one man and you do not have experience ...well with four million members around the world, film documentaries, domestic abuse handbook for people working with the abused - 30,000 downloads and saving lives?Nothing? All you have to do is care! Let them know that people like you and me could do even more with support.
Ask the question - why are a few of us making such a big difference in peoples lives? Why, because we care. We do not say SOMEONE should do something as Henk you and I are SOMEONE!!!

Love and God's Light to you and yours,
Bill & Stephanie


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