Update #7 ·

You did it! Breakthrough for Bering Sea!

Yesterday afternoon in Juneau, Alaska, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council took a huge step forward to protect the Grand Canyons of the Sea. Despite considerable pressure from powerful fishing interests – the Council will now move forward to identify key coral areas in the Bering Sea Canyons and consider measures to protect them. Translation: we got what we wanted!

After eight days of relentless presentations and discussions on the Bering Sea Canyons issue, with so many ups and downs I could not possibly predict where we would end up on this roller coaster ride. The Council moved forward, unanimously, with two motions to begin a process that can, finally, protect the Bering Sea Canyons, and the vibrant ecosystem and productive fisheries they support.

Without the dedicated efforts of you signing our petition and sharing with your friends and family, we wouldn't be celebrating this amazing breakthrough with you!

So thank you and stay tuned for the next way you can join in a green and peaceful future!


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