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Mr. Vasile Cenac, who died on May 31, 2013

Mr. Cenac was highly respected and loved in Galati, Romania for his passion and care for the animals at the city shelter he managed. Against all odds, Mr. Cenac was allowed to have his shelter a "no kill" facility. Although he had over 200 dogs and pups in his care, he had a name for every one of them and referred to himself as "Papa". Romania Animal Rescue was fortunate to know this man, and to spay dogs for him a number of times. We provided food for his dogs until the charity Stichting Wereld Aiselen took this tremendous task over a few years ago. Mr. Cenac retired from his work with the city shelter some time ago, but always went to visit his dogs up until his death. We love you Mr. Cenac. There should be a statue in your honor in Galati.


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