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WE NEED YOUR HELP. Defense of Sacred Water is the responsibility of us all and putting MOCCASINS ON THE GROUND can be done in many different ways. This work is building great momentum throughout the continent and there are increasing demands to grow and maintain alliances and share our experience with others ready to take a stand. We have all supported much of this work together through small donations of $10, $20 and $50 through our website (www.oweakuinternational.org) and we are coming back to you all once again to ask that you help us by putting your MOCCASINS ON THE GROUND, by giving whatever amount you can at www.oweakuinternational.org. Thank you so much!

Those of you following our work know how busy we have been during the last six weeks:
We’ve continued our weekly radio program on KILI Radio on Pine Ridge called the Owe Aku Hour with Vic Camp to educate people on the protection of Sacred Water (www.kiliradio.org)
We worked collaboratively with allies to stop a so-called “consultation” with the US Department of State in Rapid City that violated the international standard of free prior and informed consent and treaty protocol.
We brought our training and information to Pine Ridge Homelands, Oklahoma, Santee, Rosebud, Yankton, and Cheyenne River, and continue organizing from our homeland on the banks of Wounded Knee Creek for future trainings.
We served as panelists in New York City at the Left Forum thanks to our relatives at First Voices Indigenous Radio (http://firstvoicesindigenousradio.org).
With our relatives at Prairie Dust Films and the Lakota Media Project we moved decidedly closer to releasing the full-length documentary film about the struggle to preserve Sacred Water from uranium mining entitled Crying Earth Rise Up (http://www.cryingearthriseup.com).
For the rest of June, we will be preparing for a treaty gathering under the direction of the Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council on June 22 & 23rd (http://www.oweakuinternational.org/blog-updates--press-release/bhsntc-treaty-meeting-june.html).
At the end of the month we will host the commemoration of the victory of the Greasy Grass when General George Armstrong Custer attacked our camps. The Lakota War Pony Races held in Kiza Park on the Pine Ridge homeland will be on June 25th.
AND OF COURSE IN THREE DAYS along with relatives and allies from several Red Nations in Canada, Lakota, Dakota and Nakota relatives from the vast territory of our own people, and allies from across the continent, we will be hosting the latest MOCCASINS ON THE GROUND Non-Violent Direct Action Training at the Takini School near the community of BRIDGER ON THE CHEYENNE RIVER TERRITORY OF THE LAKOTA OYATE.

Every dime that you are able to give goes to our organizing work. Please give what you can and know that your MOCCASINS too are ON THE GROUND. Pila unyapi. (Thanks to you all).


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