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Hochwasser in Norddeutschland: Bangen an der Elbe

Especially Brandenburg and Schleswig-Holstein are preparing to roll towards the flood wave. Further south, the Elbe floods have already shown their destructive power. The local demand consequences of the disaster.

Hamburg - The flood wave continues to roll to the north. In parts of eastern and northern Germany's dramatic flood situation is still far from over. In Brandenburg, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein helpers hope to be able to withstand the Elbe flood with dikes and sandbags. On the night of Tuesday, the situation remained largely constant.

In Saxony-Anhalt huge amounts of water in fish tank in the district of Stendal find new ways on Monday after a dike was broken. The army threw off sandbags from helicopters to curb the flood. Around 9,000 soldiers are in the state continued in use as an army spokesman said. The crisis unit of the state government declared that they would coordinate the use in Stendal it yourself, because the situation was so critical. Close coordination with the neighboring state of Brandenburg and a larger army use are necessary.
In Brandenburg, the situation was therefore more tense. In Prignitz the apex of the Elbe flood wave is expected this Tuesday. The peak of the flood is expected to reach at noon Wittenberg. According to calculations by the authorities, a historical high of 8.20 meters could be achieved. The average value of the water level there is 2.77 meters.

On Monday evening, also an approximately 3.5 kilometer long Notdeich was completed in the district Havel country, which had been built since the early morning hours. It should serve as a protection against the water that flows into the hinterland since the break of the dike at Fischbeck.

Also in Lauenburg, in Schleswig-Holstein to prepare the people for the maximum level of the Elbe flood. The vertex will be reached only on Thursday here. The critical level of 9.30 meters was already exceeded in the morning, the water level was 9.56 meters. This is almost five feet above the normal value. Parts of the old city are without electricity, some 400 residents had to leave the threatened area already well into the night to Monday.

In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region between the high tide and Doemitz Boizenburg was declared a restricted zone. Local residents who are emergency personnel may not enter. Locals should prepare for possible evacuations. But the water level of the Elbe River Doemitz level remained constant during the night at 7.20 meters.

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