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The flood situation

About the floods in Germany reported by Hinrichs (Magdeburg), Oliver Michalsky and Katja Mitic (Berlin).

6:15 clock: Water level continues to rise in Lauenburg

The flood situation in Lauenburg has intensified further on Tuesday. The water level of the Elbe has increased by eleven inches since Monday night, said a spokesman of the crisis team. On Tuesday morning, the water level was therefore 9.56 meters - the long-term average is about five meters. According to the Crisis Staff, the water level would increase by up to three inches per hour climb to the top.

Especially critical are the effects of the old city rescue workers who fought in the night with five special pumps against the floods, water levels of more than 40 centimeters should have measured in flooded streets, the spokesman said. Some 400 residents of the Old Town had to leave the threatened area already up in the night to Monday.

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