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Killing Wildlife or Saving Our National Parks?

America’s National Park Service’s budget hasn't changed in seven years, but now the sequester will force over a $100 million in cuts to the Park Service – just as tourist season begins. To save our national parks, Congress could easily trim $100 million from the federal-wildlife killers’ budget and divert it to the Park Service. Instead of killing enough coyotes to cover the length of 700 football fields like they did in 2011, national gems like Yellowstone and Yosemite could be funded.
(http://newsbusters.org/blogs/kyle-drennen/2013/05/28/nbc-us-national-parks-under-stress-and-trouble-following-sequester )

Rather than support the USDA’s wasteful program that kills millions of America’s birds, mammals, fish, and even domestic pets each year for agribusiness and other conglomerates, Congress should reroute this misused taxpayer money.

The Park Service’s cuts will mean more uncollected garbage, fewer cleared trails, shorter visiting hours and fewer visitors. $100 million doesn’t just hurt our parks, it harms the local surrounding communities, which rely on tourism business. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rep-keith-ellison/sequester-slashed-110-mil_b_3333723.html)

Our national parks supply the economic lifeblood for countless communities across the United States. National parks contribute more than $30 billion in economic activity, support more than 250,000 jobs, and generate $9.34 billion in labor income!

So the bottom line is, the majority of Americans, who appreciate wildlife and wild places are getting ripped off. Tax dollars which should pay for wildlife conservation, national park preservation, and related jobs, are used to destroy our nation’s wildlife, against our wishes.

Help right this wrong! Please join our letter to Congressional leaders. These two elected officials must hear our outcry that we value our parks and cherish our wildlife, but we abhor the waste, abuse, and misuse of federal funds to kill our precious wildlife for the well-heeled few in agribusiness. (http://www.causes.com/endwildlifeservicesfunding)

Please join us to end the government’s war on wildlife.


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