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Mrs K Gallagher
Chief Minister
ACT Government
GPO Box 1020
Canberra ACT 2600 22 May 2013
cc Mr S Rattenbury
ACT Minister for Territory and Municipal Services
Chief Minister
A Moratorium on Kangaroo Killing in the ACT
The Animal Justice Party of Australia opposes the killing of kangaroos in the ACT by
your Government on three grounds: a) there is a serious decline in kangaroo numbers across the
ACT as a whole, and on its nature reserves, with numbers drastically lower than the levels your
Government has itself advocated were needed to sustain its grasslands and its kangaroo
population, b) the killing program your Government has imposed involves gross animal cruelty
of the most grotesque kind, and c) the availability of successful ethical no-harm alternatives
and expertise to implement them, including experience within the ACT, in situations where
kangaroo habitat has been significantly compromised. At a minimum, the AJP calls for a
moratorium on the killing of kangaroos until these matters are more properly considered by
your Government.
Last year, ACT Greens MLA Mr Rattenbury, now one of your Ministers, said he would
welcome independent research into estimates of kangaroo numbers in ACT nature reserves.
This research is nearing completion and early results have already been given to Mr
Rattenbury. You and Mr Rattenbury have also in the past been presented with autopsy
evidence (from a highly respected forensic wildlife veterinarian) of severe brutality resulting
from the Government’s killing program last year. The availability and success of no-harm
alternatives such as translocation, including in the ACT and more widely, has also been brought
to the attention of both you and Mr Rattenbury.
We are disturbed now to read in The Guardian newspaper that Greens Minister Mr
Rattenbury has said: ‘Without a predator, kangaroos have increased their abundance and have a
detrimental impact on the rest of the ecosystem’, and ‘the Greens have not opposed that cull’. If
Mr Rattenbury has peer-reviewed and authoritative evidence that kangaroos have a detrimental
impact on the ecosystem why have we never been able to see it and have it independently
scrutinised? Where is the evidence of apparent ecosystem improvement from the previous four 2
years of kangaroo killing? This has been asked for many times and has never been
forthcoming. Clearly, Mr Rattenbury and the ACT Government are conveniently choosing to
ignore human ‘predation’ (housing and commercial development, killing programs) and their
vehicles and guns, wire fencing, out-of- control dogs and degraded habitat due to weed
infestation. The chance of a newborn kangaroo infant reaching maturity is now less than 20 per
cent. If significant public funds are being spent on killing kangaroos to supposedly improve the
local ecosystem, the public needs to be able to scrutinise the results of this expenditure.

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