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Thanks for supporting me on my walk to eliminate maternal/neonatal tetanus

I believe very strongly in what Kiwanis International is attempting to do to stamp out maternal/neonatal tetanus in unborn children. Kiwanis had a similar project a few years back that helped eliminate the devastating effects of mental issues related to goiters in newborn children. With a simple dosage of iodized salt, children could be effectively cured. Kiwanis built hundreds of salization plants in third world countries and all but wiped out this problem, saving the lives of millions of kids.
Thanks to all of you who are thinking of supporting the Kiwanis Foundation in the maternal/neonatal campaign. I will be walking on Friday, June 28th at the Kiwanis International Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia. I hope you can help with this campaign and help me raise $500. Although I have been semi-retired since January 1st and out of work, I felt it necessary to make the sacrifice to donate. So far, I have one additional donor and hope you can too!
God Bless
John Wagner

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