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Indigenous Tribes Occupying Belo Monte Vow to Continue Resisting Amazon Dams

Deeply frustrated with the Brazilian government's unwavering attitude about building large-scale hydroelectric dams, indigenous protesters refused to leave Brasilia following a high-level meeting this week.

140 people from six indigenous groups from the Xingu, Tapajós and Teles Pires River basins traveled on Tuesday to Brasilia following 17 days of protest at the Belo Monte dam construction site. During their four-hour meeting with representatives of the Brazilian government, including Gilberto Carvalho, President Rousseff's Chief of Staff, indigenous representatives reiterated calls for the suspension of dam survey and construction activities within their territories and insisted on their constitutional right to be consulted prior to any dam project.

Read More: http://amazonwatch.org/news/2013/0606-indigenous-tribes-occupy-belo-monte-vow-to-resist-amazon-dams


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