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Pledge to Plant and Earn an iPad Mini!

This has been an exciting week for our mission! This past Monday, President Obama hosted the National Conference on Mental Health at the White House and sparked a national conversation around the issues faced by the mental health community.

Now is the time to harness this momentum by sharing our Field for Hope "Pledge to Plant" message with everyone whose attention might have been captured by this national debate. But we need your help!

To thank you for sharing our "action" we have created some exciting incentive levels for Pledge to Plant with prizes including Lowe's Home Improvement gift cards, Netflix memberships, magazine subscriptions and even a brand new iPad Mini!

There are a limited number of prizes available and the incentives only run through June 30, 2013, so you will want to get started sharing right away! We have tips and tools already created for you at

If you've already been hard at work recruiting people to take the Pledge don't worry; all activity up to this point will be counted. Check out our complete list of incentive levels, along with eligibility requirements, here:

With your help, we can make our symbol of light and hope shine even brighter for the 350 million worldwide living with depression.

Have questions? Email us at [email protected].

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The number one auto fill in Google when you search 'school makes me' is 'depressed'. But the good news is that Hope is teachable! iFred is creating a research based curriculum and the tools teachers need to teach this curriculum, in order to support students in schools so that no one ever feels so desperate that they take their own life.  Support iFred teaching Hope and show your value…

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People often say 'sunflowers don't treat depression'.  While true (although gardening does have a positive impact on the brain), it is not the ultimate goal of our sunflower campaign.  Our desired end result is to get all nonprofits around the world using ONE SYMBOL to collectively speak for the 350 million around the world with depression. This symbol, the sunflowers, allows nonprofits to merge…

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Honor the 350 million with depression worldwide and "Pledge to Plant" for our 2013 Field for Hope sunflower campaign. This initiative is the largest-scale, international effort in history focused directly on raising awareness and funds for depression research and education. Last year, this campaign successfully led to the planting of sunflowers in fields across Liberia, Kenya, Nepal, Germany,…

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