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Pig brutally chopped in two in Vietnam: STOP NOW!

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signatures sent

Our pledge has been finally sent to the Vietnamese Government and to the main embassies in Vietnam. I will post every update about the cause. Thanks again!

Campaign closed

Thanks to all who signed this petition, and also to the supporters who gave us suggestions for improving this action. We can spread the news and find new supporters. That's why our new goal is now 15000 people to sign and our new deadline is March, 31 2013. Then our signature will be downloaded and sent to the Vietnamese Government. We will try to involve also some associations for animals'…

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We are thousends sharing tis cause. Let's sign the petition that will be sent to vietnamese governement and to the italian embassy in Vietnam (please send it also to your embassy in vietnam!). Siamo migliaia a condividere questa causa. Firmiamo la petizione che verrà inviata al governo vietnamita e all'ambasciata italiana in Vietnam, oltre a varie testate giornalistiche. Siamo in contatto anche…

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