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The New Chronic-Intractable Pain & You Sites, Inc. A 501C(3) nonprofit organization

Welcome to Chronic-Intractable Pain And You Sites (Main Website). Our sites help individual’s with chronic and/or intractable pain, their caregivers and their medical team to educate, advocate and support these individuals 24/7 365 days a year. We invite you to use the site as an adjunct to your pain management regimen.

Take a tour of the site to see all the ways you can get help. There are many resources regarding all chronic and/or intractable pain syndromes. It is hoped that this site will help you to learn how to advocate for yourself by using daily practice in describing, rating, and journaling your pain.

We have many things to do on this site.

1) Chat Rooms

2) Extensive Information Library

3) Resources for help you learn to advocate for yourself

4) Resources to help you understand what we are and why this sites was started.

5) We will have events at least once a week (such as scheduled chats)

6) We have multiple distraction tools (those that get your mind off of you pain) such as sharing things in your life other than chronic pain, pain poetry, chronic pain art, etc.

7) We have a place to support our site by purchasing logo products through Cafepress

8) We encourage group support by starting discussions and videos.

9) Member's can become Volunteer Staff too! If you are interested in volunteering on our site, please let Dr Patty know by sending a note to [email protected]

Enjoy our wonderful website! We look forward to getting to know you. Our goal is to help members and staff bring more awareness into your life as well. Please let the staff know of anything you need to help with.

I want to thank you for becoming part of the CIPAY (Chronic-Intractable Pain And You) family. This is a safe place to share, get support, educate and advocate for as many pain sufferers as humanly possible.

Hugs And Prayers To All Pain Sufferers,

Dr Patty Verdugo, PsyD

Chair/Creator of the Chronic-Intractable Pain And You Sites

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