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Support FIP Research Raffle Donations Needed!

During June, we are collecting donations of cat themed new or never used items for our raffle to benefit FIP research through the Bria Fund. We already have donations from two very talented artists. We also have donations of a cat quilt, a hard cat carrier, a soft travel carrier, and a pewter cat photo frame. Please consider donating a prize or helping us solicit raffle prizes. If you don’t have any idea what to donate, the Animal Rescue Site has a ton of cat items, and the profits also go to great causes. We are asking the donor to send the item to the winner, if possible. Send me a personal message to donate, or if you have questions.

I ask you to remember what it was like when you were told your vet suspected FIP. People who love and adore their fur babies are still getting that message every day. We know so much more than we did in 2005, when we lost Bria. There are still pieces needed to solve the FIP puzzle. We can’t give up now-important research must continue. This raffle will be our major fundraiser this year. Please help us move towards a future without FIP.

Thank you.
Susan E. Gingrich-the Bria Fund for FIP Research.

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