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The California Senate Passed SB 283 - Now We Must Convince the Assembly!

Last week, the California Senate passed SB 283, a bill that would restore CalFresh (food stamp) benefits to people with drug-related felony convictions who are meeting (or have met) the requirements of their probation or parole. The bill has passed a big hurdle, but we have more work to do before the bill becomes law.

SB 283 is now being heard by the California Assembly. The Assembly Human Services Committee is scheduled to hear the bill on Tuesday June 18, 2013. We want to add to our list of supporters by the date of the hearing so that we can demonstrate to the committee that SB 283 is good policy that will help reduce recidivism by allowing people who have served their time and are now playing by the rules to be able to access important nutrition benefits through the CalFresh program.

If you haven't signed on to the petition to support SB 283, it's not too late. If you have signed on, please share the petition with friends who may be interested in supporting SB 283 as well.


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