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Update on May 31, 2013

Forget WallyWorld, at Chevron They Live in WatsonWorld

There are many ways to describe the experience of participating in a Chevron Annual Shareholder Meeting. One is often left wondering if those inside are as completely divorced from reality as their words suggest, or if they are just putting on a show for a room full of cardboard cut outs of corporate yes-men. This past Wednesday was no exception (http://amazonwatch.org/news/2013/0529-19-billion-ecuadorian-lawsuit-dominates-chevron-agm). While hundreds protested outside the 2013 Chevron Annual Shareholder Meeting holding the largest "pink slip" you've even seen reading, "Watson: You're Fired! (http://truecostofchevron.com/)" inside John Watson demonstrated that he is completely divorced from reality. Watson would hate to admit it, but once again the meeting was dominated by his critics and the largest ever shareholder support for Ecuador-related resolutions.

Read more... (http://amazonwatch.org/news/2013/0531-forget-wallyworld-at-chevron-they-live-in-watsonworld)

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