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Update on May 30, 2013

Only 1 day to go - and you are still signing - well done all of you, and thank you all for your support o f Care of the Elderly - without bias. Hello to John Debney, Doreen Susan Hayes, Patricia Richards, Michelle Oakley, Sue Percival and Rayminther 'Ray' Singh Taak. There are 41,380 members to date. This petition only has 1 day left to run. I do hope one of you will choose to continue this fight for equality in defence of our elderly and future generations. My age and poor health limits me considerably tho I will see through my plan of hand delivering this petition to David Cameron. It is not right for the Taxpayers who fund the infrastructure and welfare system of this country to have their homes and savings taken by govt. before they are allowed access to the system they already fund. Truly Outrageous. Fight On until this injustice is stopped.

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