Update #2 ·

Update on May 29, 2013


Lady's And Gentleman may I thank you all once again for signing this Petition and for sharing it on your Social Media Sites.

We have received some negative comments from a number of people regarding the wording of this petition to which I must thank you for bringing to our attention. We are passionate about the UK and all of our Territories and once we have enough signatures we shall be submitting this Petition to Parliament for its review and we want this Petition taking in the serious manner which it is intended to be, therefore we have changed some of the wording which does not mean we take the Treason Act less seriously.

The Treason Act is a very complicated Statute, which is why we are asking for the Government to revised it right back to its original date of 1351 and to reinstate the revised Act to work into today's society, for the future of the United Kingdom, for now, for our children and for our children's children to ensure a safer society, so our Citizens can walk through our streets in complete ease knowing the Law is on our side. 

Once again Thank You for your hard work, only we (The People) can change things, your votes are so important, please keep spreading the word!

Peace to all! 

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