Update #4 ·

Update on May 29, 2013

Good news! Target, Giant Eagle, Meijer and H-E-B have just agreed not to sell genetically engineered fish in their stores! Over 55 other food retailers have made similar commitments, including Trader Joe's, Aldi, and Whole Foods. If these companies can do it, so can Safeway! 

It's now increasingly urgent that you share (http://causes.com/frankenfish?open_dialog=inviter) this petition with all of your friends and family, and make it known that we do not want GE fish on our dinner tables! 

Here are ways you can speak up & ask Safeway to reject GE fish:

* Tweet (http://clicktotweet.com/3ilOq) at Safeway

* Post a comment on Safeway's Facebook wall (https://www.facebook.com/Safeway)

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